Afiyu Kent Pick 4 Results Today Monday 07 November 2022

Afiyu Kent Pick 4 Results for Today – Supreme Ventures Results

Afiyu Kent Pick Results in Jamaica draws everyday at 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 5:00pm and 8:25pm. Scroll down to view the latest pick 4 result. Results are updated daily and per drawing. Disclaimer: This is not the official Afiyu Kent Pick 4 Results website.

However, please comment below if you spot any discrepancies to ensure our results are accurate from the televised drawings. If you are interested, check out our Cash Pot search history tool on the cash pot results page, where you can select any date and search for results in the past.

Pick 4 Results Today 07/11 /2022

07 November 2022 – Monday

EARLYBIRD 8:30 AM 18475

Pick 4 Winning Numbers

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MORNING 10:30 AM 18476

Pick 4 Winning Numbers

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MIDDAY 01:00 PM 18477

Pick 4 Winning Numbers

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DRIVETIME 05:00 PM 18478

Pick 4 Winning Numbers

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EVENING 8:25 PM 18479

Pick 4Winning Numbers

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How to play Pick 4 Lotto in Jamaica?

  1. You can select a number between 0 to 9 to place a guess.
  2. Players can play four (4) numbers and win the top prize if they are correct.
  3. Win up to JM $54,000.00 from $10.
  4. Players must be 18 years and over. This website does not sell or provide any unlawful content online. 

Latest Afiyu Pick 4 Result

Afiyu Pick 4 Rules

The Pick 4 Jamaica rules state that players have to select four numbers, each one in the range from zero to nine. To win the biggest prize, players have to match both four numbers and the order they have been drawn.

Thus, a player who chooses 1234 will not win the top prize if the numbers are drawn in the order 1243.

The minimum wage in the game is one dollar. Players, however, are free to go higher. Such a brave decision will increase the size of the payout in the event of winning. Pick 4 has three prize tiers, and there are four daily drawings, every single day of the week.

Apart from the standard betting option (straight bet), players can also choose a few alternatives. These include box straight, box front 3, back 3, and pick 4. More information about the main differences between these bet varieties can be found at the retail venues of Supreme Ventures – the entity responsible for holding lotteries in Jamaica.

Pick 4 tickets can be bought at all of the Supreme Ventures outlets throughout Jamaica. More information about the locations is available on the company’s official website.

Supreme Ventures has also developed a mobile app for remote betting via the net. Unfortunately, the app currently features betting opportunities for only two games – Cash Pot and Money Time. There’s no possibility for Pick 4 betting online, possibly because of the fact there’s no fixed bet amount.

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